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Hi, I’m Samantha and welcome to sammyeve!

I believe childhood should be filled with fun, make believe, adventure and creativity. It should embrace the beauty of a child’s mind – curious, limitlessly imaginative, colourful and untainted. My wish is to celebrate these qualities through my designwork… That’s why I do what I do and love what I do.

My background is as a British graphic designer and illustrator, completing my training at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University and the London College of Printing, before going on to specialise in branding. I have been fortunate enough to spend over 15 years in the industry, leading creative teams in both large and small agencies and gaining international branding experience in London, the Middle East and Singapore – the incredible country that I now am proud to call home. Since the corporate world I have followed on an entrepreneurial journey of my own with setting up my own brands sammyeve and ‘The Slime Temple by Sammyeve’.

My sammyeve story started in Singapore in 2010. At the time, I had been unexpectedly advised that I should try and have children as soon as possible for medical reasons. I hadn’t felt any pressure to try and have children at this time but my husband and I decided to fast-track our plans for a family.

Our journey to parenthood was pretty tumultuous and we quickly had to face the reality that it wasn’t as easy to have a child as we had thought. I was overjoyed to become pregnant with our daughter, but my pregnancy was then fraught with major complications which left me on bed rest for almost my entire pregnancy. After our daughter was born, I returned to work after maternity leave but it became clear that my values had changed enormously with the new commitments of motherhood. Spending limited time with her in the morning and then often returning from work to find her fast asleep weighed heavy on my heart. I longed for something new, a change that would let me spend more time with her and bring my work home so that I could have more freedom to concentrate on what had become far more important to me in life.

I took a brave step and embraced my entrepreneurial roots in 2013, setting up sammyeve. A couple of years after, our son Oscar was born. Oscar was born premature at 31 weeks and spent a month in ICU. This lead me to another realisation… that we need to cherish, nurture and be so thankful for these little miracles of life. I know from my own experience, family, friends and my customers, that having a baby is tough… some breeze through it and that’s wonderful, but it isn’t so easy for others.

Everyone has a special story to tell and what I love the most is creating a unique piece depicting that story, a piece that is truly timeless and can be enjoyed and kept in the family for years to come

My gallery of illustrations have all been inspired by my friends and customer’s children, as well as my own two children who are also my master critiques. If they can’t tell what the animal is, or the illustration doesn’t make them laugh and smile, then it’s back to the drawing board.

My love of typography has always formed the foundation of my work, along with precision in colour and form. The inspiration for my designs has been drawn from Swiss, Japanese, Chinese and Middle Eastern design, pop culture, fashion, vintage packaging, cartoons, animals, music and the enchantment of childhood.

I pride myself on making each piece really personal and special, a beautiful keepsake of the highest quality that reminds families of those special times when their children were young. I enjoy nothing more than witnessing my customers’ reactions when they see the finished product, whether it be a child’s happy face or a parent’s proud smile. Everyone has a special story to tell and what I love the most is creating a unique piece depicting that story, a piece that is truly timeless and can be enjoyed and kept in the family for years to come.

sammyeve art is not just any personalised piece; it is unique in style, hand-made with pride, great care, attention and an eye for detail using only the highest quality materials so it can stand the test of time and will be treasured for years to come in the family. sammyeve designs aim to delight little people and big people alike, whilst celebrating the boundless imagination of childhood, sparking creativity and bringing warmth and fun to rooms and smiles to little faces.

Do take a moment to browse my products and please feel free to get in touch or better still, to make a suggestion on what you’d like to see next for that little someone special in your life.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With love, thanks and gratitude,

Samantha Eve Dorri
Founder & Creative Director

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